Injuries lead to quiet thoughts

Posted: February 20, 2014 in Master's Degree Journey
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Yesterday I fell on the ice outside my apartment and hurt my ankle. Being the tough cookie I am I went into work then realized I needed to go to the ER. After a quick call to my dad, he was at my office in minutes and took me to a local ER.

Blast from the past! Hadn’t stepped foot inside that hospital since my oldest daughter was born back in 2002.

I was fortunate not to have any broken piggy toes, just a bad sprained foot. Slowed me down, forced me to relax and put my feet up – literally. It also slowed down my racing life and allowed me to think and to pray about my future.

I have a vision, a dream to get my masters in psychology-counseling. This idea won’t go away; keeps reappearing in my thoughts and hopes. You know when God just keeps bringing things up until you get it? How many times does He have to put this on my heart for me to begin moving? What am I afraid of?

Last week I filled out the federal financial aid application. Next step on my application is to write my letter on intent. Why I want to become a counselor. I love to write so why is it do hard to sit at a Google document and write for the admissions staff why I am being called to minister to others through counseling?


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