It is well with my soul

Posted: February 23, 2014 in Crazy Life of Mine
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I love that God knows all my faults, failures, sins and still loves me anyway. He truly is love. He doesn’t just demonstrate love; He IS love.

Having been through an excruciating divorce, God’s love is what I cling to. It is the only perfect love we’ll ever experience here on earth.

I’ve been hurt, betrayed and given up on by one I loved. Will my heart ever fully mend from that? I doubt it until I walk through Heaven’s gates into the arms of perfect love.

Was I perfect in love? Nope, not even close! I screwed up, loved imperfectly. So did my spouse. Now we’re living the day to day aftershock of this.

No amount of counseling from wise sources will heal what broke in me. In fact, although God has been and is changing me from the inside out, I will forever bear the scars from imperfect love. Not physical but scars that threaten my joy sometimes.

Today I spent time in tears, in worship and joyful times tonight too. I’m passionately living this journey of my faith…moving toward the finish line each day.

God is using each experience in my life, each hard thing and good thing to make me more into His image.

Here’s to another day. Until next time….


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