Forgiveness Set Me Free

Posted: March 17, 2014 in 70 x 70: Forgiveness
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Because I’ve been forgiven I forgive.

The work begun in my heart of forgiveness is like a gift that keeps setting me free. I’m forgiven by God. Fully, completely.

Tonight I got to share an amazing moment with my two girls. We all had a civil conversation. Yes there were both giggles and tears but there was an amazing work going on in our little family.

Daughter to daughter. Meaningful glimpses of the possibility of their future as sisters. Tears, taking and laughter as we talked about what was on our hearts about each other. About our desire for relationship with one another.

Tonight I shared my journey towards and through forgiveness to my daughters. I was able to tell them I had forgiven their dad (even though he never asked). I told them about how not forgiving almost ruined me but that forgiveness has made me free.

I told them that if God could work in my life like he has to forgive my ex spouse then He could work in their hearts to forgive each other. I told them about praying for other people, even people who had hurt my heart like my ex spouse had, is an amazing thing.

Learned the concept of learning to pray for your enemies I believe sitting in AA rooms over twenty years ago. I began by praying for the desire to want to forgive him and prayed that for about two or three years. god wouldn’t let it go; wouldn’t let me continue to be a prisoner of hurt and shame. Eventually I let it go. I forgave the person who had heart me so deeply I can still barely talk about it.

I’m free and it’s not because I’m no longer married. It’s because God set me free the day I forgave my ex spouse. Do I still struggle? Yep. Jesus said we are to forgive our enemies 70×7. To me that means process and re-forgiving. A lot of it.

Tonight I go to bed with a grateful heart. Happy that God forgave me for what I’ve done and will do. Happy to be the mother of such amazing hearts.

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