Be Still and Know

Posted: April 6, 2014 in Crazy Life of Mine
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Be still and know that He is God. For many months after my ex husband filed for divorce I would turn the lights off and listen to Steven Curtis Chapman’s powerful and worshipful song “Be Still and Know” right before I fell asleep every night.

I love how God can bring sings, verses, etc into your head at the right time. Last night I was outside briefly and I just stopped in my tracks as the lyrics from that song “sang” into my heart. It is times like that I am acutely aware of the Holy Spirit in me. God’s presence in me.

This week the chaos in my brain was helped as I was able to get back on the meds I take for bipolar disorder. I wish that I could explain what it is like to be inside my head, on or off meds. It was like things just fell back into place and I had four days in a row where I felt good. I cannot remember the last time I felt good for even a whole day and to have multiple days was a gift.

This week was wonderful and I thankful.


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