Be still. Be speechless.

Posted: May 16, 2014 in Forgiveness
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I think there is something amazing about a child who is hurting crying out for their parent. That was me tonight. No I didn’t want my mom and dad, I cried out to God.

Got hurt again tonight, it opened wounds that were somewhat healed but not quite. Hurt led to my anger and feelings of unjust treatment. I wanted to defend myself but instead wrote then deleted what I wanted to text back to the hurter.

I revealed things tonight to my kids I probably shouldn’t have. As the hurt invaded my heart my mind roared with anger and hate poured out if my mouth and I was ashamed.

I took myself outside to walk, pray and worship. I sang to myself songs that are ingrained in my mind and heart, songs that helped my heart heal. When unjust things happen I cry out to God as I cannot control this other person.

God out His Holy Spirit in me. Basically God in me. The Holy Spirit makes intercession to God on my behalf. Like an amazing advocate. I sometimes forget this amazing concept.

It’s not about winning or losing but I can’t help feeling like love will win in the end. That the just God I serve will hold this person accountable.

Glad God gave us free will. Our choice to choose Him must bring Him joy as our Heavenly Father. His loving kindness is new every morning.

Be still and know that He is God. Let the noise and clamor cease. Be still and know that he is faithful. Stand in awe and be amazed and know that He will never change. Be still. Be speechless
Steven Curtis Chapman


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