The Wooden Spoon Conductor

Posted: June 2, 2014 in Crazy Life of Mine
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The great adventure.

Isn’t it amazing how when you hear a song it can immediately transport you back to another time and place, bringing back vivid memories, tastes, smells even?

Music has always been a big part of my life. When I was younger I poured myself into the piano, it was a way to express the way I felt without having to tell others how I was feeling. I poured my heart into those ivory keys, hoping that someone could interpret the ache in my heart and the joy. I loved to sing, to compete in music competitions and to accompany our choir and, when I was lucky, my crazy talented violinist friend!

God has used music powerfully in my life over the years. This week I have had one of worship songs from church in my head. When I go out and come back the song comes to mind like a sweet memory. When I awoke twice this week from nightmares it was the first words to mend my heart.

A few years ago I was coming out of my daughters school event, alone. My first school function since my spouse had filed for divorce and I had to move out. I remember the hot tears rolling down my face as I climbed into my ex spouse’s truck as he left with our girls in my minivan. I remember the air conditioning was broken and it was still a hot autumn evening.

As I revved the engine to leave to drive back to my empty apartment I turned on the radio to KLove and Steven Curtis Chapman’s song “the great adventure” came on and as I drove off that night I sang with what little was left of my dignity and faith and I KNEW that God was going to lead me through my journey, my “adventure”.

Growing up, my family was very into music. We drove all over going to Christian concerts. I learned to love music because it allowed me to FEEL, to hurt and to worship.

I am listening to a song now that was played at a funeral of a dear family friend. With the words I am immediately transported back into celebrating his life and his friendship to my dad for their whole lives. How great is our God.

I hit next on my playlist and I’m listening to How He Loves by the David Crowder Band which makes this post come full circle. This is the song that has been playing in my heart the entire week.

I’m the lady next to you at the stoplight singing and you might laugh. I know that I used to laugh at car singers until I became one. Last weekend I had a two hour drive to a dear friend’s house and I quietly sang the whole way with my girls in the backseat. I think they knew that mom just needed to sing.

You can often catch me red handed singing while I cook for my girls. As I wave my wooden spoon I become a conductor in my symphony.

Running through my playlist tonight is like living a lifetime. Each song has a memory or special meaning in my life over the past years.

Like verses memorized, good songs tucked away into your heart can be used by God in might ways too.


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