Unbridled Happiness

Posted: September 23, 2014 in Crazy Life of Mine
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Full of joy. Complete. Happy.

These words describe me tonight. What a great week this has been. This time last week I was offered a job full time where I’m contracting now. So very thankful for this chance.

I’m happy tonight. Not just a little bit but a whole lot. In the next few months I’m moving to a new place and getting essentially a fresh start. I’m beyond thankful if that’s possible for those who are helping me with this move.

I’m happy that my big furry dog just planted himself beside me and is desperately trying to get my attention away from blogging. I know a lot of people love their dogs. This dog is special.

The day I went to see him to see if I was gonna adopt him I fell in love. It was mutual. Since then he has helped me feel safe, open my heart up to love again and comforts me when I’m anxious or sad.

I’m so thankful tonight to have this full time job starting oct. 1st. Full benefits and insurance. I’ve bee without for so long and it will be good to take care of my health again.

I feel like I’ve had some sort of breakthrough lately. God has been working in my heart and is continuing to change me from the inside out. He’s used my church, my friends and my family in powerful ways.

Tonight I feel free from worry; my anxiety is gone. There remains joy.

Truly God is good.


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