Be Faithful in the Little Things

Posted: October 31, 2014 in Crazy Life of Mine
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Be faithful in the little things. Over the past year, this thought kept coming to my mind. I’ve not doubt God was prompting me and at first I did not know what it meant.

Months passed. I was faithful in the little things. I worked hard at my contract job. I made effort in little things in my personal life and life with my children and extended family.

Recently, my life has had an explosion of amazing things. I was hired full-time in my current contracting job so in a week or so I will have full benefits (medical, vision and dental insurance), PTO, paid holidays and other benefits. I was blown away. Not only did I get the job but they gave me a promotion and more money. Funny thing – if I would have been hired a year ago I wouldn’t have gotten either. But God knew. And I waited. I was faithful every day in my job. Even if I wasn’t given the job, it would have been the right thing to do.

One day I cried out to God, literally. I said “God, please send me someone to help take care of me.” The next day, God answered my prayer in an obvious way. My dad called out of the blue and said “mom and I would like to help you move, pay for the deposits, movers, etc.” I was blown away and of course burst out in tears. Once again it was a out and out answer to prayer. God has done amazing answers to prayer in my life but tangible ones since my divorce.

So then my brother and dad went to look for a place for me. Found one even better than I’d hoped in my price range. It was perfect. All I had to do was visit it and sign the lease. For this single mom stretched for time and energy, this was such a blessing.

I needed to give up my cat which I was allergic too but this fell into the being faithful in little things category. Even though it was hard, it was the right thing all around for me and my family. Then, my brother offered to help me with my dog. With training, food (he gets free food at his business), etc. And was excited about my having one and understood how important a dog was to me. This was a blessing. I had kept my owning a dog hidden from my family for 1.5 years. Now I was blessed with not only being able to tell the truth but to get the support of all my family.

Tomorrow I move into my new place. To say I’m excited is too mild a comment. I’m thankful, blessed, happy and full of peace and joy. God has done a great thing in my life with the full time job, new apartment, new mattress donated to me, new bedding donated by family and dear friends, etc.

I am deeply grateful tonight.


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