Fluffy Dog Therapy

Posted: February 12, 2015 in Crazy Life of Mine
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Dogs are good therapy.

I know that I usually write about things related to bipolar disorder and other heavy topics but tonight I just want to celebrate the good stuff.

My dog is by far the coolest dog I’ve ever had. He’s the third Golden Retriever I’ve owned but he’s a once in a lifetime dog.

If I’m sad he comes and lays by me. Sometimes in the middle of the night he just gets up and plops his head down on me to snuggle.

At almost any given time of the day I can reach out my arm or leg and he is within reach. This dog has taught me how to love again and quit laughing at me. It’s true.

I’m thankful that my fluffy dog is curled up with his head touching my arm as I pen this.

Not everything in my world is heavy. Some things are quite wonderful indeed and he is one of them.


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