The Fracture of Technology: broken relationships

Posted: February 21, 2015 in Crazy Life of Mine
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When I see parents post about taking technology and devices away from their kids, getting off Facebook, etc I just want to say DUH. Wow you are actually amazed your child read a book when you took their device away? What is amazing in this scenario is not that they read a book or painted a picture but that YOU were surprised.

I’m not anti technology, never have been but I am painfully aware of the consequences of it. Technology is amazing. The ideas and concepts being created now boggle the mind.

The problem with technology and the individual is this. We were created by God to have relationship with each other. Texting and Skyping is the technology equivalent to relationships that porn is. Both are a cheap substitute for the real thing.

When you spend more time with your computer for fun than your spouse or kids then a large bell should go off. If it doesn’t you have major problems which you don’t even know about yet.

I was married and my spouse would email me from upstairs instead of just coming down to talk with me. I remember us sitting in the same room, both on our laptops and he emailed me. And I was just five feet away in real life but in reality I was an eternity away. Because technology did not enhance relationship. It kept real communication from happening.

There were many, many times that I was jealous of my spouse’s relationship with his laptop and company. He courted his servers more than he ever courted me. While he cared for his clients, servers and computer programs diligently it was an escape for him. Hiding behind technology kept him from having to have real relationships with others. With me. With our kids.

I’m an adult and realize the problem was not me. But I worry that my children will grow up wishing their dad had put down the laptop and had just spent time with them a bit more. I hope that they realize that they are worthy of our time, of his time. All the time.

So I don’t have cable, watch tv other than Netflix, don’t have Internet access at home and no longer use a computer for personal use at my home. I wouldn’t trade the time I get to spend with my girls for any amount of Leave it to Beaver episodes.

And that is my choice. I choose relationships over technology. I choose the touch of a little girl’s hand over the cold touch of a keyboard.


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